Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I like donuts

I was looking at some donuts the other day, not expecting them to be vegan, so I don't really know why I was looking at them, but I was. This guy that I sit next to in class called over to me. Our exchange:

guy: hey Kara what are you doing?
me: reading the ingredients cause I kinda want a donut
guy: why do you read the ingredients?
me: cause there are lots of things I don't eat
guy: why?
me: cause I'm a vegan
guy: it's unhealthy not to eat meat. You're gonna die.
me: well considering I'm not dead right now...
guy: where do you get your nutrients?
me: *I proceed to spout off nutritional information about various foods, and reasons why I don't eat animal foods*
guy: that's great but I'm going to eat bacon
me: ok
guy: also, I'm mailing you a dead cat for Christmas

WTF did the dead cat comment even come from? Fine, he can mail me a dead cat, but only if he wants to get reported to the ASPCA.

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