Thursday, October 8, 2009

language arts

today in class my teacher was giving out candy. She said there was Tootsie Rolls. I asked her if there was any Jolly Ranchers or Skittles. She said maybe but someone might have taken them. I was like "oh thats fine then :)" and I went and sat down.

girl in my class: jeez, Kara, you're soooo picky
me: I'm a /vegan/

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

shit I've gotten about my food from my church

I've been told that:
I should just eat free range.
I should not be vegan because I will die.
I need to bring my own food everywhere.
I'm "missing out" on "delicious meat"

And the biggest annoyance:
*someone complains about how my diet is not Biblical or whatever*
me: did you know that Adam and Eve were vegan and they didn't eat meat until the fall? Also, God tells us to take care of ourselves, and by not eating cholesterol, trans fats and animal proteins I am doing a way better job of that than you are. I've done extensive research and I know what I am doing, but thanks for the offer. God only said it was ok to eat meat, not that we have to, and I'm pretty sure that He doesn't approve of factory farming, and unnecessary desecration of His animal friends. (not all of those responses at once, maybe one or two)
them: *blank stare* well you should drink milk. cow's like to be milked. /or/ you should eat meat cause it was put here for us.
me: cow milk is for the baby cows /or/ if animals were put here for us, why were they created before man was? didn't God say to take care of the animals, not "chop them into bits, fry them, and eat them"
them: you should still eat it
me: *facepalm*

I like donuts

I was looking at some donuts the other day, not expecting them to be vegan, so I don't really know why I was looking at them, but I was. This guy that I sit next to in class called over to me. Our exchange:

guy: hey Kara what are you doing?
me: reading the ingredients cause I kinda want a donut
guy: why do you read the ingredients?
me: cause there are lots of things I don't eat
guy: why?
me: cause I'm a vegan
guy: it's unhealthy not to eat meat. You're gonna die.
me: well considering I'm not dead right now...
guy: where do you get your nutrients?
me: *I proceed to spout off nutritional information about various foods, and reasons why I don't eat animal foods*
guy: that's great but I'm going to eat bacon
me: ok
guy: also, I'm mailing you a dead cat for Christmas

WTF did the dead cat comment even come from? Fine, he can mail me a dead cat, but only if he wants to get reported to the ASPCA.